Dad worked so hard to put food on the table for us.
His reward
shouldn’t be eating pre-packaged meals by himself.

For years, you watched your Dad do whatever it took to put meals on the family dinner table.

Is it time to ask how he’s eating?

Portrait of a senior man eating a soup outdoor Your Dad’s generation grew up expecting home-cooked meals at the end of a hard day’s work. While he might not complain too much about how he eats or taking his meals alone, retirement doesn’t have to mean heating up food from a box or a can. And he doesn’t have to be lonely. If your family sees these types of issues with a parent, a visit to GreenTree at West Lafayette can help you take the first step toward a solution. Fresh, nutritious menus with dishes made from scratch, and meals enjoyed with friends are just a part of the wellness experience we provide.

Receive the top 10 things our residents recommend to make the first 30 days of assisted living a success for free.

Dining: Nutrition, Good Taste and Good Friends

Assisted Living at GreenTree at West Lafayette

Our residents receive assistance with activities of daily living, in order to support a full and independent life.

  • Apartments ranging from studios to two bedrooms
  • Restaurant style meals prepared three times daily
  • Comfortable fireplace lounges
  • Salon and barber shop
  • Personal care, including on-site help with dressing, bathing and rehabilitation services
  • Medication management
  • Wellness activities including physical therapy and exercise programs
  • Pets are welcome
  • Transportation for activities and outings


Memory Care

  • Our memory care programs are staffed 24 hours a day by experts with the skills and experience required to ease the burdens that Alzheimer’s and other dementias place on families and loved ones.

Comprehensive Wellness

  • We create an environment where our residents can thrive in their physical, mental, spiritual well-being.
Our vibrant recreation programs, supportive nursing services, nutritional programs, proactive therapy, fitness and memory care solutions combine to form a comprehensive wellness-focused experienced.

People with Purpose

  • We begin by selecting the right team members, and nourish their talents with
coaching and training. Our associates are encouraged to explore our core values and embrace the culture of our organization, which aims to support
their work as a fulfilling service that is more than just a job. It is an opportunity to combine individual talents with a passion to serve others.

Connected Community

  • Our communities are located with easy
access to friends and family as well as local
shopping and community attractions. We develop activities and activities that help residents make new friends, connect with current friends and family, and participate in their favorite local community events.